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Shimmer and Shine is a nickelodeon hit animated series that follows the magical adventures of two genie twin sisters Shimmer and Shine. Leah is their human friend who they grant 3 wishes to every day but whose wishes are not always successfully delivered and hence the show centres on problem solving and team work within the stunning land of Zahramay Falls. Each sister has its own distinctive personality traits and appearance; Shimmer has blue eyes and pink hair, is optimistic and encouraging, loves cleaning, glitter and collecting genie bottles. Sister Shine has purple eyes and blue hair, often hungry and loves animals through which she imparts lots of knowledge about the creatures in their surroundings.

Mattel has the liscence to produce toys from the show. Launching in Spring 2017, Baby Brands Direct take stock of both sisters Shimmer and Shine as 30cm dolls, available to purchase individually, that says phrases and sing songs from the show when hugged. Also available is the stunning Palace, which comes with both sisters and also their pets Nahal and Tala. The elaborately decorated play set comes with phrases and songs from the show as well as a magical surprise, when placing either sister with the holder and pressing the ‘jewel’ she will float up and down. A flying carpet set and genie boat are also due to be added to the range soon.

Live Competition
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Shimmer and Shine!Shimmer and Shine! 03/05/2017

Shimmer and Shine