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Product code : BNG-TOY06

Meet Bing!

Bing Bunny is a lovable, energetic and curious pre-schooler who is learning that life is full of little adventures. Based on the beloved books by Ted Dewan, this animated series celebrates the joyful, messy reality of pre-school life. From everyday adventures at the playground to messy mishaps and “micro-dramas”, this wonderful series explores what life is really like for both pre-schoolers and their grown-ups.

Whether they recreate their favourite television episodes or are inspired to imagine their own Bing adventures, this playset is perfect for every Bingster! This brightly coloured set features a slide, swing, climbing frame and a super fun bouncy rope ladder! There's also a crazy wobbly bridge and a little rocker that Bing can ride. It also includes a Bing figure with soft ears, to enable them to create their favourite moments from the Bing TV episodes!

Add to the Adventure!

Looking for more Bing things? Fisher-Price Bing toys are designed with your little Bingster in mind! With fun features and lovely little details, each playset and figure is perfect for playing out favorite television moments and inspiring amazing, new adventures. Playtime with’s definitely a Bing thing.


  • Features a slide, climbing frame and swing
  • Brightly coloured mini park set
  • Includes a Bing figure with soft ears
  • Comes with snail rocker for Bing to ride
  • Suitable for 2 years+