Munchkin Day & Night Musical Mirror

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  • Munchkin Day & Night Musical Mirror
  • Munchkin Day & Night Musical Mirror
  • Munchkin Day & Night Musical Mirror
Product code : MKN-SAF14

Connecting with a rear-facing baby day or night is even easier with Munchkin's newest, remote activated day & night light musical mirror with Clear Sight™. A dual-mode LED light system allows parents to quickly check on baby in the dark or provide a gentle, comforting nightlight. A new sound-chamber speaker design plays 5 high quality soothing melodies to calm baby while the NEW ClearSight Mirror surface provides the most crystal clear mirror surface Munchkin have ever offered!. The Soft-Touch™ frame combines beauty with lightweight, energy absorbing performance. While mums can take comfort knowing the mirror is crash-tested and night light equipped, baby will be comfortable listening to soothing music and admiring their own reflection!

  • ClearSight Mirror for superior reflection and a distortion-free image
  • Soft-Touch Frame is lightweight and energy absorbing
  • Multi-directional sound chamber design provides 5 high quality, soothing melodies
  • Multiple attachment options fit most vehicles
  • Remote : Controls light & music at touch of a button