Nuby Garden Fresh Steamer Blender

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Product code : NBY-FED05

Nuby's Garden Fresh Steamer Blender kit contains all parents need to get started with making, storing and feeding fresh nutritious baby food at home. From perfect purees to chopped baby food. Simply adjust the blender to suit the weaning stage. Parents can save 70% off their baby food bill by making fresh nutritious baby food at home (comparing like for like recipes from a leading baby food brand vs cooking from fresh).

  • Make healthy baby food in less than 5 minutes
  • Makes perfect baby food for every stage of development from perfectly smooth purees to chunky textures and expertly chopped baby dishes.
  • For preparing food the kit includes: High Torque Push Base, milling blade for fine purees, blending blade for chunkier textures, small bowl for single portions, batch bowl for large quantities of baby food, steaming basket for microwaving fruit and veggies before blending and a 2-Piece Lid
  • For storing food the kit includes: a single portion bowl/short cup with a stay fresh lid, a soft tip spatula spoon (for scraping the bowl and loading the storage tray), 6 food storage cups with lids for keeping food fresh in the fridge and soft flexible silicone freezer tray for long term storage in the freezer
  • Age Suitability: 4M+ (i.e. when babies start to wean)
  • Dimensions: H: 24 x W: 31 x D: 20 cm Approx
  • Weight: 2.4kg/5lbs Approx