Safety First Octopus Thermometer

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  • Safety First Octopus Thermometer
  • Safety First Octopus Thermometer
  • Safety First Octopus Thermometer
Product code : SYF-SAF20

The Safety 1st Octopus Thermometer is a must have in every bathroom. Thanks to its enhanced design, it floats in the water and parents can easily check the water temperate. For a more reliable reading, it is best to completely immerse thermometer in the water. Thanks to this Safety 1st thermometer, bath times are going to be fun. It is in the shape of an octopus and can also be used as a toy for your child to play with. An integrated thermometer strip clearly indicates the water temperature. The ideal water temperature for your baby should be 35 degree Celsius. Maximum temperature 38 degree Celsius (only if your baby has high temperature).

  • Suitable from birth
  • Essential bath thermometer when bathing your child
  • Displays temperatures and helps to prevent burns
  • Easy temperature reading
  • Floats in the water