Tiny Smarts Spin Ball

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Product code : TYS-TOY19

Tiny Love presents Tiny Smarts Spin Ball, a multi-sensory stimulating toy suitable from birth to approx. 18 months. It offers a variety of play options suitable for various ages and features rainbow coloured slides that can be turned revealing a smiling face hiding inside it. This colourful character spins and rattles stimulating baby’s senses and fine motor skills. The mirror internal side panels create an intriguing reflection ideal for playing peek-a-boo. The texture, in form of little bumps on the slices, invites baby to grasp and touch them, and to feel the difference between the rough external surface and the smooth internal surfaces, thereby helping develop baby’s cognitive skills.


  • Suitable from birth to approx. 18 months
  • Stimulates baby’s cognitive skills, senses and fine motor skills
  • Appealing multi-sensory stimulation
  • Rainbow-coloured slices help develop colour differentiation
  • Mirror internal side panels create intriguing reflections
  • Surprise smiling face hiding inside
  • Spinning reflecting character
  • Rattling rings
  • Unique rolling effect