Tiny Love Crinkly Squirrel

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  • Tiny Love Crinkly Squirrel
Product code : TL-TOY10

Tiny Love presents Crinkly Squirrel, a cute double-sided peek-a-boo toy that stimulates baby’s emotional intelligence, fine motor skills and senses. Playing peek-a-boo with baby contributes to their understanding of the world. Object permanence develops through peek-a-boo games, which shows babies that the squirrel is still there, even if it is hidden from sight. The double-sided crinkly body of this Tiny Love Crinkly Squirrel features a colourful pattern on the outside and black and white images on the inside. Baby will enjoy the crinkly feedback, which will encourage them to crumple the fabric and explore the sounds. Thanks to its clip, it is an ideal take-along toy and keeps child entertained when out and about.


  • Suitable from birth to 12 months
  • Double-sided peek-a-boo clip toy with black and white images
  • Stimulates baby’s emotional intelligence, fine motor skills and senses
  • Adorable all-smiles expression and basic patterns ideal for young babies
  • Crinkly, textured body helps stimulate tactile senses and fine motor skills
  • Easy to grasp
  • Perfect for travel