Brother Max Feeding Accessories

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Compact, easy to use and truly original sums up our range of Brother Max feeding accessories. The Brother Max Slimline Milk Powder Dispenser has received positive feedback since its release as it features a funnel that prevents mess. Brother Max knows that baby bottles are available in a huge range of sizes and shapes which is why their dispenser features a longer spout for easy pouring. The unique product is small and easy to carry around; perfect for travelling mothers.

To find out more about the key features of the range, follow through our comprehensive descriptions. Brother Max is a synonym for convenience and design. Retailers can swiftly provide convenient solutions to their clients.

Brother Max Feeding Accessories

The Brother Max brand recently undertook an update in their packaging and branding, using contemporary colours to help create easy modular range building in store and create a distinctive brand presence. The brand’s ethos remains the same as when it was founded, using innovation, great designs and high quality products, to make life simpler and chores quicker for parents.

Led by this simple philosophy the brand keeps on growing. Baby Brands Direct has experienced the brands’ success ever since it was introduced on our website. Sales and interest have grown over time with our customers reporting Brother Max as a distinctive, practical and yet affordable brand to resell.