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A Bumbo is manufactured every 4 seconds from its state of the art, self-contained, South African plant. A product created when a loving Grandfather wanted to support his Grandson’s desire to look around and engage with his surroundings from a stable, upright position, when unable to support himself. It was in 1996, that inventor and toolmaker, Johan Buitendach put together a prototype made from polystyrene. He cut out a freestanding seat with a circular design, featuring leg mouldings, a gently rounded crotch bar, a backrest and side handles; placed on the floor, Grandson, Daniëll could sit perfectly upright.

The Company was established in 2001 and the prototype was refined and production moved forward using moulded polyurethane; a material that is used for nonflexible, high resilience foam seating. A passionate and successful brand, it has won awards for its innovation, design and engineering, through to being credited ‘Baby product of the Year,’ Netherlands, 2003. Its continued demand has seen it grow to a distribution network of over 120 countries which in the UK is supplied by Baby Brands Direct.

Seats for babies, whether they are for eating in, playing in, or just simply sitting in, are a vital part of the learning and developing process. They are essential buys for every parent with a young child, from the booster seat in the car to the highchair in the kitchen. Choose from a variety of brands and products, including booster seats from Munchkin and Babymoov, and high chairs from East Coast and Tiny Tatty Teddy. Baby Brands Direct offers fantastic wholesale prices on all of these items.

Our clients are delighted with our stylish solutions that fit any home décor. Discover eye-catching, functional and safe range of bestselling baby seating products. You can now become a retailer of the top rated highchairs and boosters by industry experts, critics and most importantly parents. Versatility in shape, colour scheme and sizes allow every retailer to provide customers with items that fit their clients’ lifestyles and preferences.



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Bumbo states, ‘Our products solve every day parenting challenges, while encouraging child exploration, parent and child interaction and quality family time.’ The colours and branding chosen reflect the modern, fun and creative nature of encouraging child exploration. Baby Brands Direct wholesales this award winning, practical range that fulfils a staple consumer baby product requirement. Endorsed globally by paediatricians and orthopaedics it is often found, not only at home, but commonly supplied into children’s homes, day care facilities, crèches and hospitals.


It is important to understand what makes a good booster, a seat or a high chair. Surely quality and safety play a crucial role. Yet it is all about meeting clients’ needs.

Reviews show that parents often jump into buying an item that simply does not fit their indoor spaces. Offering a variety to you means you are offering a variety of choice to your clients. Baby Brands Direct understands that retailers value their clients and strive to assist them in making the right choice when it comes to making the right purchase. Our high-end selection suits even the fussiest styles’ preferences. From boosters and baby seats, to height adjustable and reclining highchairs we also have highchair accessories like cushions and inserts. To make the seating an interactive process, you can also stock from our fantastic ideas of trendy high chair toys.