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What if the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs had missed? What would the world be like if the dinosaurs continued to thrive? These are the questions that Disney Pixar put forth in their latest film, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ – creating an interesting and very different world for kids to enjoy. ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is a heart-warming animated film about a little dinosaur called Arlo, the Neanderthal boy he befriends and the journey that he has to take to get back home to his family. The little dinosaur must overcome obstacles and face challenges in this tale about love, friendship and loss. Released in November 2015, the film has been praised for the quality of its animation, as well as its charming story and characters.

Baby Brands Direct has a great range of The Good Dinosaur toys, created by manufacturers Posh Paws International and TOMY, so our retailers can take advantage of the popularity of this great film!

Teddies are an essential purchase for all nursery rooms and also represent a large share of the new baby gift market. As a prime wholesaler to the nursery industry, Baby Brands Direct prides itself in stocking a variety of soft toys suitable for various stages of a baby's development. As a nominated distributor for leading brands including Fisher-Price, Lamaze, Peter Rabbit, Little Bird Told Me and Keel Toys, we are able to offer a huge range of quality plush toys. Our clients can select from: ring, bean, squeak & body rattles, activity plush toys, Disney character large toys, comfort blankets, linkable loop toys, audio & light soothers, ragdolls & plush dolls, musical plush toys, licensed character plush toys and nursery teddies.

Plush toys and activity items are high in demand as they play a crucial role in the educational process. Toddlers get attached to dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals as they teach them important skills. Retailers can shop at convenience with our unparalleled selection while benefiting from our competitive wholesale prices.

Plush Toys & Activities


According to researchers, these playthings have unique advantages over other toys because kids know that a plush puppy or a princess doll represents a living thing; they can relate and attach emotions to. Playing with these "friends" allows kids to explore their complex feelings. Stuffed animals also give 2- and 3-year-olds the chance to master people skills, improve their vocabulary, and much more.

Paediatrics strongly recommend fluffy toys for boys as toys flexes boys’ language, a recent growing trend that has been turning over quick sales in the plush toy market. Baby Brands Direct considers all these facts whenever we are updating our catalogue. Our clients are assured to quickly tap into the latest trends with up-to-date trendy toys.