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Annabel Karmel is a leading expert on baby food with a range of recipe books, TV appearances and apps. A Mother of three, she has raised the standard and quality of baby food since her efforts began to revolutionise the way in which it was viewed and prepared in the early 1990s. Her success and determination to educate combined with her consistent values, commitment and creativity to healthy food for babies, has led her to developing her own range of organic food, baby food preparation equipment and weaning products.

Her feeding range is stocked in all major supermarkets, while some of her best-selling weaning products are available for wholesale at Baby Brands Direct. The Mumpreneur brings simple but essential products in food preparation and storage to the industry; allowing parents to blend, mash, store and freeze fresh foods into tasty and easily digestible mouthfuls. She also provides free weaning advice on her website and offers an exceptional app with 220 of her most popular recipes.

Baby Brands Direct’s range of licensed feeding sets has been an increasingly popular choice for retailers to fulfil their stock with. You can find baby food feeders, food storage pots, weaning utensils, weaning and feeding cutlery, snack pots, baby bibs, weaning bowls, plates, cups and sets as well as food processors. As a favourite nursery wholesaler, our inventory consists of leading and trustworthy brands like Munchkin, Annabel Karmel, Nuby, Beaba, Babymoov, Philips and many other experts in the industry. Our clients have access to a variety of different baby food preparation tools that not only make it easier to prepare food, but also allow for more variety in the types of food parents can introduce to the little one.

Researches show that parents prefer to invest in baby food making devices as it saves them time and it helps building healthy eating habits from the beginning. Devices like the Beaba Pro Baby Food Maker have made making baby food a snap. With such testimonies we have been witnessing a swift growth in the food preparation and weaning products’ sales.

Food Prep & Weaning

Annabel Karmel, a lady held in high esteem for her genuine and passionate contribution to baby food has created her own brand as a result of the success gained from her books and publications. A well-recognised figure and respected authority, her branded range of food preparation and weaning products carry her instant endorsement and follow through success as they complement her best-selling recipes. Wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct is keen to distribute these baby and toddler weaning products to independent nursery retailers and pharmacists, who often have unique contact with new parents.

Retailers can offer the Masher and Bowl Kit, that is perfect for preparing fresh food quickly and that won Gold in the Best Weaning Product category at the Loved By Parents Awards in 2014. Prepared food can also be stored in clever Stackable Sealed Pots in the fridge or, for longer term use the Food Cube Tray will store individual food portions in the freezer for up to 8 weeks. Parents can pop out and use when required, without having to defrost large quantities of prepared food. Everyone's favourite the Mini Ice Lolly Set, is ideal for making delicious lollies from puréed fresh fruit and pure fruit juice. These are all excellent baby product choices to promote and encourage well-being.


One of the prime reasons for the sector’s progress is the fact that nowadays moms are 50 times busier and do not have the cooking skills that women did when baby food was introduced 80 years ago. Another major factor is the baby healthy eating trend that has been quickly developing throughout 2015. Parents and especially moms prefer home-made and healthy food choices for their babies. Therefore, they buy functional devices that can fit their lifestyles and needs.

Baby Brands Direct gives you the opportunity to capitalise on this trend via offering you a portfolio of products which fulfil the whole feeding routine. Discover the bestselling items in a wide range of designs, colours and shapes.