Baby Carriers

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A baby may be small and light, but carrying them around all day can get pretty tiring, which is why a baby carrier is a product that every parent needs. Besides, it is essential that a carrier provides comfort and safe baby wearing for the baby as well as the carrier. That is why our range features expertly developed products with the aforementioned criteria in mind.

They are available on a B2B basis at Baby Brands Direct in a range of different styles, designs and colours from reputable manufacturers with expertise in this field. We aim to provide a range of baby carriers with varying features to maximise the opportunity of offering something for each individual choice whilst also hitting a variety of price points and at the same time never compromising on quality or safety.

Baby Brands Direct is a multi-award winning nursery wholesaler delivering the latest baby carriers straight to the independent sector. With regular product launches and updates, our clients are guaranteed to have access to the forefront of trends. Baby carriers are much of a must-have item for a parent and particularly in view of trends towards the importance of the outdoors and associated well-being benefits. Our selection features only those carriers that meet UK quality requirements and are tested by parents. Retailers can rely on our expert knowledge to fulfil their stock and educate their customers in order to ensure the right carrier is selected for them and thus ensuring a satisfied purchase.