Baby Costumes

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Baby Costumes give children the chance to become their favourite characters. Playtime as a television character is always more fun and is definitely worth investing in. Whether it is Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse or 101 Dalmatians, at Baby Brands Direct, we have something for everyone. These characters have been around for decades and will continue to be around for years to come as some of the most popular children’s icons in the world.

Our collection showcases items suitable for both boy and girl as well as for different age groups. The hooded costumes are made with detachable hoods to ensure safety. Each garment is made of soft fabrics for the delicate baby and toddler skin. Your clients can even reuse the clothing as the ensure range is machine-washable. In other words the collection is fashionable and practical.

Baby Brands Direct is a global distributor of baby costumes to the independent trade. As a business to business supplier we strive to meet the contemporary retailer needs.

Baby clothing is a huge market that keeps on rapidly growing. Baby costumes represent a significant fraction of this. Whether there is an occasion or not, parents do like to purchase baby costumes and simply provide entertainment for their little ones. With us retailers are able to stock baby costumes of high quality that will delight their customers. Our fantastic price points give you the opportunity to mix and match items that will suits your target business audience the best.