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If there’s one thing kid’s love about bed time, it is the story that goes with it. Getting lost in a fantasy just before bed sends them off to sleep like nothing else. This is as true for babies as it is for older children, although it is slightly more picture orientated. Lamaze’s delightful series of books that includes the characters Yo Ho Horace and Tilly Twinklewings is a huge hit with the kids and adults. Book series give you the chance to stock something with consistency and longevity, pleasing parents who enjoy the well-known brand.

Our range also features baby and toddler books by premium brands like Tiny and ELC. Each book covers a variety of age ranges and each comes with their unique features. You will find books that have built in clips to attach to prams, machine washable books and many more exclusive features that make our selection full of best-selling items.

Baby Brands Direct is an online wholesaler providing retailers with bestselling baby and toddler books. Our extensive range unveils high in demand items with fantastic price points. Following the latest trends and working closely with manufacturers enables us to regularly update our portfolio thus giving you exclusive access to the latest available on the market.

Baby & Toddler books have made an impressive come back and experts put a lot of effort into creating suitable, developmental and engaging designs. To tap in the expanding market sector, simply register with us or log in if you are an existing customer.