Barbie Chelsea Camper

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Product code : BBE-TOY39

Chelsea doll and her puppy are ready to camp anywhere - even their own backyard - because they have a very special vehicle: the Club Chelsea Camper detaches from the car and transforms into a campsite playset to create a home away from home! Hitch the camper to the convertible car to travel, and unhitch when it's time to camp.

Then open the camper to reveal a kitchen with sink, stove and fridge (with a working door!) and two bunk beds (with a ladder!) so there's always room for a friend. There's even a doggie door so her pet puppy can come and go. More than 10 toy pieces inspire imaginations to tell all kinds of camping stories, including camp songs - there's a firepit, a guitar, two stools and two sticks with marshmallows for classic camping moments, plus two drinks, a pot, a towel and a suitcase. Pack it all up when it's time to move on -- there's lots of places to stow stuff while on the go, including the trunk of the car! Chelsea doll is ready to see the world in a bright yellow top with "happy camper" graphic, a blue skirt with white polka dots and pink shoes; her puppy has an adorable expression that's happy, too! Kids will love exploring the world with this playset.

Collect other Club Chelsea dolls and toys for even more possibilities for playtime (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Chelsea doll wearing skirt and shoes, puppy, car, camper, guitar, fire pit, two stools, two sticks with marshmallows, two drinks, one pot, one towel, one blanket and one suitcase. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • Kids can go camping anytime with the Club Chelsea camper doll and playset that offers transformation and lots of toy pieces, including a puppy, to inspire imaginations!
  • Hitch the camper to the car, place Chelsea doll in the driver's seat and push to get rolling!
  • Unhitch the camper to use the convertible car alone or to set up camp in an instant - unlatch the camper's hook and open to reveal a cozy campsite!
  • Two bunk beds with a ladder ensure sweet dreams on the road.
  • In the kitchen, a sink, oven and fridge feed stories; additional ingredients for play include 2 drinks that can fit into the fridge (its door opens and closes), a towel to hang on the bar and a pot with plug-and-play design that fits onto the stove.
  • Suitable from 3 years+
  • 1 x Chelsea doll wearing fashion and shoes
  • 1 x puppy
  • 1 x car
  • 1 x transforming camper/campsite
  • 1 x guitar
  • 1 x fire pit
  • 2 x stools
  • 2 x sticks with marshmallows
  • 2 x drinks
  • 1 x pot
  • 1 x towel
  • 1 x blanket
  • 1 x suitcase