Barbie with Dream Horse

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  • Barbie with Dream Horse
  • Barbie with Dream Horse
  • Barbie with Dream Horse
  • Barbie with Dream Horse
  • Barbie with Dream Horse
  • Barbie with Dream Horse
Product code : BBE-TOY08

Bring  the  fun  of  horseback  riding  to  life  and  play  with  Barbie®  doll  like  never  before  with  her  most  interactive  horse  yet.  The  Barbie®  DreamHorse™  reacts  to  touch  and  sounds - it  features  more  than  30  realistic  reactions! 

This  amazing  animal  can  walk  forward,  turn  360  degrees  and  neigh  when  you  play. 

DreamHorse™  can  also  feed  (a  bunch  of  carrots  are  included)  and  nuzzle  in  response  to  your  touch.  For  even  more  fun,  DreamHorse™  nods  yes  or  no  when  you  ask  a  question!  It  can  also  play  three  songs  and  show  off  with  three  different  dances.  You  and  Barbie®  doll  can  groom  the  horse's  super-long,  curly  mane  and  tail  with  the  included  brush.  And  of  course,  Barbie®  doll  can  sit  on  the  saddle  --  just  use  the  included  waist  clip  --  to  ride  along  wherever  DreamHorse™  goes. 

Barbie®  doll  is  ready  to  ride  into  your  imagination  wearing  a  riding  tunic,  molded  pants,  removable  boots  and  a  helmet.  Her  beautiful  DreamHorse™  matches  with  a  pink  saddle  and  reins.  Includes  Barbie®  doll  wearing  fashions  and  accessories,  interactive  horse  with  saddle  and  reins,  bunch  of  carrots,  brush  and  helmet.  Doll  cannot  stand  alone.  Colours  and  decorations  may  vary.

  • Experience the fun of horseback riding with Barbie® doll with a DreamHorse™, her most interactive horse yet!
  • The pretty white horse responds to actions and touch with more than 30 realistic reactions that bring the beauty of horses to life!
  • DreamHorse™ can walk forward, turn 360 degrees and neigh when you play.
  • Barbie® DreamHorse™ can feed with an included bunch of carrots and nuzzle in response to your touch.
  • DreamHorse™ nods yes or no when you ask a question!
  • Press the button on the saddle, and the DreamHorse™ can play three songs and dance three dances.
  • Groom the horse's super-long, curly mane and tail with the included brush.
  • Place Barbie® doll on the saddle -- just use the included waist clip -- so she can ride along wherever DreamHorse™ goes.
  • Barbie® doll wears a pink riding tunic with plaid sleeves, blue pants, tall brown boots and a pink helmet.
  • The beautiful white DreamHorse™ has a pink saddle with reins and the doll waist clip.
  • Use the brush to help Barbie® doll groom the long mane and tail and add to the nurturing fun.
  • Young horse lovers can let their imaginations ride with Barbie® doll and her interactive DreamHorse™!"