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Barbie is one of the most iconic global brands in existence with sales of over a billion dolls sold worldwide and available in approximately 150 countries. The brand was launched in 1959, after being invented by co-founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler with sales of approximately 350,000 dolls that year. She was inspired to develop the three dimensional doll by her daughter’s delight in acting out future and imaginary events with paper dolls. She later named the brand after her daughter Barbara’s nickname and when the male counterpart doll was created, named him after her son, Ken.

The brand’s sales now tend to 3 categories: the dolls, doll accessories (including cars, horses and houses) and clothing (her own and kids lines); the former two of which are available from UK wholesaler Baby Brands Direct. Maintaining her heritage and profile she continues to be featured in many animated films and is a supporting character in Disney Blockbusters Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

Baby Brands Direct brings to the nursery industry, a selection of the best branded and quality activity toys and crafts available. As a leading wholesaler direct to trade we take pride in providing award-winning brands including Tomy, Fisher-Price, Oball, Tiny Love, Brights Starts, along with licensed character toys like Thomas, Winnie the Pooh and Peppa Pig, Mega Bloks, Bing, East Coast, Frozen Fashion and the bestseller, Baby Einstein . Clients can browse a wide range of categories including activity centres, phones & gadgets, high chair toys, toddler activity toys, activity toys, cars, trains & planes, shape sorters & puzzles, imaginary play, learn to crawl, understanding music, activity arches, spirals & bars and aqua draw fun.

According to 2014 point-of-sales data from The NPD Group, the Building Sets and Arts & Crafts categories grew by 13% and 3%, respectively, proving that kids love to create interesting structures, designs, inventions and other projects that will set them apart from others and let their talents shine through.


Activity Toys & Crafts

With the great advancement of toys in the industry and rapid development of toddlers, the Barbie brand is relevant from 3yrs and encourages development for active and imaginative role play. The brand has continued to adapt to current fashions and trends, with Barbie’s outfits continually updated with apparel found on the High Street; including denims and boots to leopard print jackets! It has also launched a range of ‘career’ dolls each dressed to reflect a different industry from nurses to astronauts, ever encouraging a little girl to ‘Dream It. Be It.’

Icon branding and packaging, keeping abreast of society and fashion changes and encouraging creative play, this brand makes for a staple inclusion in all toy retailers’ stores. It is also ideal for gift stores catering for toddler birthdays and online stores increasing their brand and toddler product offering. Baby Brands Direct supplies a select range of Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories to all good independent retailers.


Furthermore, the NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service reports that the total toy market for 2014 was in the $22 billion range and it continues growing. With the exponential growth comes the wide variety of goods that Baby Brands Direct carefully selected to present you with profit driven toys and crafts that will grow your business too.

In the following pages you will find open-ended toys and games to help promote creativity, problem-solving skills and electronics that attract tech-savvy kids. You are also able to access items that follow the mini madness trend of toys that come in small packages at a lower price point. The subcategories include smart play items with educational purposes which have been massively favorited by parents. Retailers can make the most of the ever green aquatic-themed trend or choose from several dolls, games, outdoor toys and more.