Bath and Room Thermometers

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It is vital for parents to make sure babies are in rooms that have the right temperature. Experts suggest the ideal temperature should be between 16 and 20 degrees in order to provide safety and comfort for babies. With this said bath and room temperature are the newest gadgets essential for any household with an infant.

Our range includes premium brands like Philips Avent, Brother Max, CTN and other leading industry players. The following collection provides accurate temperature readings for bath and bedroom and all of them comply with all relevant toy and safety standards. The high-tech tools have ergonomic designs and are in trendy colour schemes. Each of them has its own key features found on their individual product’s pages.

Baby Brands Direct is a premium wholesaler delivering innovation to your store. Our close relationships with the most reputable brands allows us to introduce you the latest bath and room thermometers whilst offering you competitive price points.

Bath and Room Thermometers have become must-have items on parents list. Independent retailers can now stock on the highest in demand items that are guaranteed to bring your desired margins.