Bath Squirters

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Bath Squirters are the bath time ultimate fun tools. Bathtime does have to stressful neither for the parent nor for the little one anymore.

Brighten up bath time with these bright and engaging toys from leading brands including Munchkin and Tomy. Munchkin is multi-award winning and renowned for its innovative, well designed baby products. Their collection of bath squirters is no exception as it bursts with wonderfully vibrant colours and engaging, developmental features to bring a load of fun to the tub. Included in our splashing selection are the best-selling Munchkin Cupcake Squirts, designed to help motor skills and make bath time a real sweet treat. The popular Tomy Turtle Tots Bathtime Fun are fun bath squirters and can also stick to the side of the bath. All of the presented items are safe for kids to play with and are made from user-friendly materials. Our range is regularly updated, be sure to regularly log in so you do not miss out on the latest exlusives on our website

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning wholesaler of bath squirters to the independent trade. We successfully supply retialers all over the globe with the newest items on the market. With variety of international shipping options, you have the opportunity to quickly update your own stock with the latest and the highest in demand products. Our bath squirters are designed by experts are nothing but exceptional products that combine safety and entertainment together. Exceptional wholesale prices are awaiting you too; you just simply need to log in.