Bathtime Accessories

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No bath is complete without some accessories to spice up a, quite frankly, boring part of the day, especially for the baby. We have made available a range of bath time accessory products, from the practical Munchkin bath caddy and Babymoov Bathstand to the toy scoops from Boon and Munchkin to keep track of all the bath time toys baby cannot get enough of. Besides our range of bathtime accessories features items that will make bathtime less stressful but more entertaining for the little ones. The range is also dedicated to parents to provide them with convenience in terms of organising the bathing essentials and calming their babies down as they are bathing them. T

his page is very versatile and it includes products with different purposes so our retailers can also showcase diverse bathime accessories to cater for different clients’ needs. Follow our updates so you do not miss out on the newest additions on our website.

Baby Brands Direct is a global wholesaler of award-winning brands for bathime accessories. We supply the independent sector with a versatile selection of the trendiest and most sought-after items. Bathtime accessories are built to deliver safety, comfort, convenience and fun for both the parent and the little one. Each of the presented items has its own unique features that you will find on their individual products page. Retailers can now benefit from our exceptional price points and further volume discounts. As a favourite supplier, we are dedicated to assist our customers in every way possible. To speed up your sales process we have created comprehensive products descriptions that along with the media are all available to you for your own business purposes.