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Bathtime - a very special time of the day for parents of babies and toddlers. Not only is it an important part of the bedtime routine, but it offers one-on-one bonding time, a relaxing end to the day and a chance to calm down and regulate emotions after a busy day.

By the time a toddler reaches two, they are likely to have had more than 700 bathtimes. So it’s no surprise that new parents want to make it as special as possible - it’s a big part of the daily routine.

That means that parents will be willing to invest in cosy towels, gentle toiletries and other accessories that make bathtime both special and safe for their little one. At Baby Brands Direct, we ensure all baby products are from reputable companies that value baby’s safety as much as any parent - names we all trust, such as Munchkin, Kaloo, AngelCare, Earth Friendly Baby, Tommee Tippee and Safety 1st.



Why do bathtime products sell so well?

Bathtime is a major part of a baby’s routine - and this continues through the toddler stage and beyond. As parents spend such a lot of time at the side of the bath, they are willing to invest in products to make it as special as possible. There are also safety concerns around water, temperature, and slip risk, so parents will always want to ensure bathtime is as safe as possible and we supply a number of products to help - bath inserts, bath mats, water temperature indicators, and seats to name a few.

The social benefits of bathtime

Everyone is so busy that getting downtime is not easy. That’s the beauty of bathtime. You can’t be interrupted by the phone, the doorbell, or the TV. It is the perfect chance for one-to-one bonding with a little one with no distractions. Babies love the attention - and if they live in a busy house with other siblings, it’s also their chance to get a bit of solo attention. This is a great time to bond with a little one - especially if you are a working parent and don’t come home until teatime. This offers the chance to have the baby all to yourself, to talk to them, sing to them, and really focus on them as a little person. This communication, even if it is a little one-sided with a small baby, helps to strengthen your bond with them. Talking with little ones also encourages language development, and broadens vocabulary.

Other developmental benefits of bathtime

It’s really quite incredible how many development benefits there are to bathtime. It’s not just for practical purposes! Having a good routine makes little ones feel secure, and enables them to self regulate themselves and their emotions. The routine makes them feel safe as they know what to expect when. The sensory benefits of bathtime are enormous - sensory experiences help to encourage the brain to develop, and the feeling of water, the different temperatures, the touch of the towel on their skin, and sensory play in the bath can help this happen.

Bathtime play is also educationally beneficial. Who would think that bathtime could encourage scientific and mathematical abilities? Learning what floats, and how much water can be poured into a container are just a couple of ways to encourage STEM awareness and to introduce scientific and mathematical terms such as full, empty, less, more and volume into learning, without little ones even realising.Bathtime play can also encourage fine motor skills - squeezing sponges, using bath squirters, pouring water. See Baby Brands Direct’s broad selection of Bathtime Toys. All skills that encourage hand muscle development which will help with writing skills later on.