Bébéconfort Swivel Bath Seat Grey

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Product code : BCT-HYG01-GRY

The Bebeconfort Swivel Bath seat is an ergonomically shaped bath seat that allows your baby to sit comfortably and with extra support that is needed when you bath them. This is ideal for when you already have either a bath or a shower and need both hands free to bath your baby.

The Swivel Bath is suitable for children between the age of 0 to 12 months, with a weight up to 13 kg. When you are bathing your baby, even with the independent suction pads, the Swivel Bath seat can be fully rotatable. This allows you full access in the most comfortable way to your baby without any worries or hassle. You will be able to bathe your baby with the least effort because of the comfort your baby is in.

Safety is also ensured with the four independent suction pads at the bottom of the Bebeconfort Swivel Bath seat, so it does not go everywhere or anywhere and thus offers great stability during a safe bath time.

  • Unique 360° rotation system
  • Four suction pads for maximum stability
  • Curved seat is comfortable and non-slip
  • Rotating ball helps keep baby entertained
  • Suitable from 0 to 12 months