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Children can drown in less than 3cm of water, which is why it is vital that no one ever leaves a baby or small child in a bath unsupervised - even for a minute. Our bath seats and supports can add another layer of protection to help parents to keep their little ones safe while they are in the water.

While no baby or toddler should be left alone in a seat or support, they do add ‘another pair of hands’ at bathtime. Babies are definitely slippery when wet and trying to hold a wriggling tot, while you wash their hair or grab the shampoo is tricky, especially for new parents. Knowing they are held safe in a seat or support can give carers confidence and peace of mind, so that they can enjoy bathtime with their baby.

Continuing our bathtime safety theme, Baby Brands Direct only supplies quality products from top names such as safety 1st, Angelcare and Summer Infant.

Bath Supports & Seats

Why do bath seats and supports sell so well?

All parents know that the bath is a dangerous place for unsupervised babies and small children. One in four deaths from drowning of children under five in the UK occur in the bath. For each child that dies there are another eight non-fatal drowning incidents that result in a stay in hospital.* So any device that can add an added level of support (both for babies and for parents peace of mind) is a bonus - and that’s where the bath seats and supports come in. For smaller babies, there are supports that can be used inside a baby bath or bigger bath to prevent them slipping in the water, while the seats are suitable for older babies of six months plus. These can be used once a baby can sit up on their own.

As we said earlier, these seats and supports are not safety devices - a child should never be left alone near water - but they can act like another set of hands, allowing the caregiver to concentrate on washing the baby.

What are the benefits of bath seats and supports?

Some babies love being in the water, but for those who are not so keen, a bath support or seat can provide an extra layer of security. They also enable parents to control how far a baby is immersed in the water - useful if baby is not sure about the whole experience. If the baby feels secure in their support, they are more likely to relax and may even begin to like being in the bath, making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

Baby bath products are designed to fit in with modern decor - the Angelcare Soft-Touch range comes in white with grey, pale blue or pale pink. Its surface is soft to the touch, so is gentle on a baby’s skin, and it features a bath water level indicator, so parents can rest safe in the knowledge that they are not overfilling the bath. If customers are short on space, suggest the Summer Infant Baby Bath Cushion, which gently cushions baby in a baby bath and can be hung up to quickly dry once bathtime is finished, or the foldable Summer Infant Clean Rinse Baby Bather if they prefer a sturdier option.

When babies grow and become more wriggly and keen to get moving on their own, a bath seat is the ideal solution to keeping them in one place in the bath! The Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat has suckers to keep it in place, and the swivel action makes it easy to get the little one clean. A ball on the front provides distraction for babies who would rather be elsewhere. The Summer Infant My Bath Seat, meanwhile, attaches to the bath with adjustable arms and suckers. The seats and supports we supply on a wholesale basis at Baby Brands Direct are also designed to be mould-resistant - really important in a humid bathroom environment - and are all easy to clean, which is vital for parents of babies and toddler, where hygiene is incredibly important.