Bibs & Burp Cloths
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Feeding young children can be a messy affair. When babies are drinking milk, parents are encouraged to burp them, which can result in them spitting up or drooling. When older babies and toddlers have moved onto purees or solids, much of their dinner can end up on their mouths, clothes and floor. Therefore, parents across the globe seek out ways to minimise the mess and the laundry pile! 

Bibs and burp cloths are essential items for every parent with a young child. These inexpensive tools are perfect for protecting clothes, skin and floors from stains, burped up milk and crumbs. Baby Brands Direct offer retailers a fantastic array of bibs and burp cloths from leading brands such as Copper Pearl, Tommee Tippee, Nuby and Kikka Boo. Our burp cloths contain multiple layers for ultimate absorbency. Our bibs range includes dribble bibs, catch all bibs and coveralls, ensuring something for each stage of weaning. Register today to order with no minimum order values.

Bibs & Burp Cloths

Wholesale bibs and burp cloths available to buy online

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of baby and nursery products, supplying items to retailers and independent businesses in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We have a great selection of bibs and burp cloths to choose from, suitable for a wide range of consumers with varying tastes and needs. 

Available in our online store are bibs from well sought after brands such as Nuby, Tommee Tippee, Kikka Boo and Copper Pearl. Our selection of bibs features a range of styles - such as catch all bibs, overalls, cloth bibs and silicone bibs. Each style of bib offers a range of benefits and features, from super absorbent fabric that soaks up sauces and liquids, to sturdy plastic that easily catches crumbs and debris to stop bits of food from falling to the floor. Each bib is easy to put on and can be taken out and about easily for use at cafes and restaurants. 

Burp cloths are also essential products, as parents are encouraged to burp their baby after feeding them milk. Parents will seek to have multiple burp cloths available, as they will need to be frequently washed. Our range of Copper Pearl burp cloths come in multipack sets, which makes it easier for mums and dads to have a stockpile of cloths available on hand. Copper Pearl’s burp cloth feature three super soft layers - with lovely cotton and polyester outer layers and fleece on the inside for extra absorbency. Each pack features three different coordinating designs, making them an attractive and stylish option for parents seeking burp cloths. 

Baby Brands Direct offer a huge selection of baby feeding products and accessories from award-winning brands. Independent retailers and businesses can easily register for an account, gaining access to a huge catalogue of products and brands - as well as exclusive perks and discounts and fast delivery options with no minimum order value.