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Learning to ride a bike is a major milestone for most children, and balance bikes make the process far easier. Over the past 15 years or so, the interest in balance bikes has grown considerably, as parents become aware of their benefits, and there is expected to be remarkable grown in demand over the next six years*.

The joy of balance bikes for the retailer is that they are far easier to display than bikes, require less technical knowledge and for that reason are an easier sell. As more parents become aware of their many benefits - not least that they can make it easier for little ones to get started on a ‘proper’ bicycle - they are likely to increase in popularity.

Balance bikes also provide another big present possibility for birthdays and Christmas, and offer the retailer the opportunity to sell on accessories such as helmets. As wholesale suppliers of balance bikes, Baby Brands Direct has made the decision to supply quality wooden balance bikes from Janod.

Why do balance bikes sell so well?

Have you ever had to push a small child around a park for hours while they get the hang of riding a bike? It’s hard on the back - and wearing on your patience! Parents may love quality time with their children, but spending hours trying to get their little one to gain their balance on a bike may not be high on their agenda. So if you can provide them with an easy, time-saving option, they are likely to take it. Enter the balance bike. They look like bikes, but have no pedals and allow kids to climb aboard and push off with their feet. The benefit of this is that they are learning how to keep a bike upright, but not having to worry about pedalling at the same time. Balance bikes are particularly useful for the youngest member of the family, who is then able to keep up with their siblings if they all go out on bikes or scooters to the park. Retailers should take the opportunity to upsell when selling bikes and scooters for older children. Parents with several young children will be grateful to allow their youngest child more freedom, while ensuring they can pay attention to everyone while they are out and about.

What are the benefits of balance bikes?

Balance bikes give children more control when they are learning cycling skills. They can concentrate on keeping the bike upright, rather than having to focus both on balancing and learning how to pedal. This means that once they graduate to a proper bike, they already have balancing mastered, and can simply hop on and start pedalling. It will be a far less painful process. Riding a bike without pedals allows children to gain confidence and learn how to control their speed while they can still put their feet on the ground to stop or slow down. They are also safer - on a trike or bike with safety wheels, the rider focuses less on their balance, so is more likely to tip over.

Fans of balance bikes also claim that they help children to graduate to riding a bike without training wheels at a younger age. Sometimes children have the balance but don’t have enough muscle strength to operate the pedals, so the balance bike is a good compromise. It also gives a feeling of freedom that allows children’s self-esteem and confidence to build, as they are able to take control of where they go, how fast they go and when they stop. Little ones with older siblings and friends will love riding along with the older ones - another way to boost confidence, Like other ride on toys, balance bikes also encourage development of spatial awareness.

Balance bikes are also easier to transport than a bike with training wheels - you can easily throw them in the back of a car - and if you have to carry one, you won’t get bashed in the shins by the pedals! The Janod Scooters we supply at Baby Brands Direct not only have all these benefits but they look fantastic too. Retro styling and subtle colouring are the order of the day: these balance bikes have been styled to look like scooters - perfect for riding on the French Riviera!