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The CBeebies animation series, adapted from the popular Bing Bunny Books written and illustrated by Ted Dewan, was first broadcast in June 2014, and cited, ‘reality TV for toddlers.’ Ted Dewan stated that with Bing, he wanted to 'depict what toddler life was really like, in contrast to the ideal world often presented in books' and that he hopes the kids and their parents, 'see their lives mirrored on screen and understand that the drama that happens in their life happens to nearly everyone else.' He wanted to ensure that precious parent-toddler time, was fun, engaging and dramatic for both parties; authentically mirroring a young child’s experience and celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of pre-school life.

Kay Benbow, Controller of CBeebies comments that the series is, ‘done with such care, authenticity, warmth and charm – it is simply captivating.’ Supply of Bing Toys, by Mattel is now available at wholesaler Baby Brands Direct and includes a variety of teddies, playsets and bath toys in Bing and the characters of his friends and family.

Bath time has grown in importance since parents have been on the constant look for effective ways to make the process enjoyable. Parents have also become busier than ever and highly concerned with child’s development. Retailers should be responsive to consumer demands and capitalise on parents’ needs. Baby Brands Direct assists departmental and independent stores and retailers by providing the best branded and quality toys available. As a leading wholesaler direct to trade we take pride in delivering dynamic brands including Tomy and Tommee Tippee and licensed character bath toys like: Thomas the Tank Engine. Discover our wholesale catalogue of: bath squinters, bath water temperature indicators, bath time activities and musical bath toys.

Bath time toys contribute hugely to the mounting billion toy industry. Indicating the fast moving and profit orientated goods is what we have done to deliver you safe, innovative and popular designs. Find what suits your business best and reap the benefit of the growing toy industry by simply enjoying our affordable price range.

Bathtime Toys

As a wholesale supplier of baby toys, the CBeebies Bing Toys by Fisher-Price serve as an essential part of the range. Appetite for these baby toys is particularly strong at the moment, as confirmed by Bethan Garton, head of licensing at Acamar Films (makers of the CBeebies Bing Series) who comments, ‘Demand has been phenomenal. We have had nothing but positive feedback from retailers to the Fisher-Price toy range and consumers are already asking about the toys, so we know there is a strong audience.’

Retailers can benefit from having this selection in store, not only because of its popularity, resonance and familiarity with pre-schoolers but also because the range fulfils a unisex demand. The colour palette is refreshing, bold and distinctive, and the manufacturer - household name Fisher-Price, ensures its quality and age appropriate development skills with the toys focusing on ‘cause and effect’ and encouraging ‘role play’. Obtain stock of these toys from Baby Brands Direct with confidence that this character will have a long term global presence that will breathe new life in to the pre-school sector.


As an expert in wholesaling of baby products, Baby Brands Direct recognizes the dynamics of the baby and toddler industry. Our clients can quickly turn their order into a profit because they have exclusive access to accurate products descriptions, images and CVs files.

Our professionally organised directory includes the bestselling Munchkin Cupcake Squirts, designed to help motor skills. Nominated as a distributor for Tomy, we have added their Japanese expertise in innovative items like the floating Stack ‘n’ Play Lighthouse for you to choose from. You will also find the very high in demand musical toys and water temperature indicators. Retailers are introduced to brands that are committed to providing the most technologically current toys and exciting accessories on the market.