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Product code : BNG-TOY05

Meet Bing!

Bing Bunny is a lovable, energetic and curious pre-schooler who is learning that life is full of little adventures. Based on the beloved books by Ted Dewan, this animated series celebrates the joyful, messy reality of pre-school life. From everyday adventures at the playground to messy mishaps and “micro-dramas”, this wonderful series explores what life is really like for both pre-schoolers and their grown-ups.

Now little Bingsters can spend the day playing at Bing’s House!

Round the corner, not far away, Bing begins another day! Bing’s house opens to reveal two floors of play and lots to see and do! Bing’s day begins in the kitchen where he and Flop can mix up a mooshy, carroty smoothie! The kitchen features an interactive spot that is just the thing little Bingsters need to recreate one of Bing’s typical messy moments! When little ones press Bing down on the spot, the blender will pop up and down and they’ll see Bing’s reaction to the smoothie “spill”—his soft ears will flatten and flop! In the living room, little ones can pretend Bing has been busy building a block tower. When they press Bing down on the rug, the tower will tumble and Bing’s ears will droop down until he is picked up again! Bing’s house also features a bathroom with a big, bubbly tub and Bing’s bedroom is complete with a toy box that opens and a bed with a fold-over Hoppity Voosh blankie! Bing’s house includes Bing with soft ears, Flop, bed, bathtub, couch and toy box.

Add to the Adventure!

Looking for more Bing things? Fisher-Price Bing toys are designed with your little Bingster in mind! With fun features and lovely little details, each playset and figure is perfect for playing out favorite television moments and inspiring amazing, new adventures. Playtime with’s definitely a Bing thing.

  • With its signature sloped roof and bright, cheery colour, this playset truly brings to life Bing’s home from the television show
  • Bing’s House opens to reveal two floors of play
  • Interactive spots in the kitchen and living room allow little ones to recreate Bing’s typical messy mishaps
  • Press Bing down on the kitchen rug to see the smoothie pop up & down in the blender. Bing’s ears flatten and flop as he reacts to the smoothie “spill”
  • The living room features a tumbling block tower
  • The bathroom comes with a big, bubbly tub
  • Bing’s bedroom comes with a toy box that opens and closes and a bed with a fold-over blankie
  • Suitable for 2 years+