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The baby blanket is a must have item for any parent. When it comes to keeping babies warm, there is nothing better than a blanket. Whether they are in their mother’s arms or tucked up in bed, these simple yet effective products are a life saver for parents. From the classic Very Hungry Caterpillar to the baby giant Mothercare, our blankets are made with real quality fabrics and care.

The latest range features blankets in calming cream colours, wonderful pastel tones and embroidery details, we offer a diverse selection of blankets to suit your range of clientele. These blankets are ideal for everyday use and make a stunning gift too. Each garment is made from soft, baby safe material and is machine washable.

Baby Brands Direct is an online business to business supplier of high quality baby blankets. Baby Blankets are an essential for parents and babies too. Crucial to this particular item is safety. Safety derives mainly from the fabric the blanket is made of. Soft cotton prevents overheating and keeps baby's temperature balanced. Besides, we stock only leading names in the industry thus ensuring that each item was safely manufactured. Baby Blankets have been always popular and nowadays they also play a significant role in the growing gifts industry. What's more, the blank baby blankets available for wholesale are fantastic base for embroidery and personalisation; they are also idea for hamper baskets. With so many avenues for sales along with our exceptional price points, retailers can certainly benefit when investing to stock baby blankets.