10% OFF Plasticine: Great for Creative Play

Creative play is a great way for children to express themselves, show off their ideas and let their imaginations run wild. Arts and crafts are always popular with young children – and Plasticine is one of the most iconic brands within the crafts category! When you think of modelling clay, the brand name that instantly springs to mind is Plasticine! 

Plasticine is a vibrant and colourful type of modelling clay that can be used time and time again thanks to its non-hardening qualities. This means that kids can have fun creating fantastical monsters and beasts one day, then reuse the clay to make a fairy princess the next! The fun and creativity never ends! Parents will also be pleased as Plasticine doesn’t leave any sticky mess or residue behind – meaning cleaning up is a breeze.

William Harbutt came up with the concept of Plasticine and obtained a patent for this fun crafting material in 1899. Commercial production of the modelling clay started in the UK in the 1900s. Unlike the brightly coloured options we have today, Plasticine was originally only available in grey! Over time, more colours were introduced to give children a fun crafting experience. 

Creative play helps improve a child’s communication and problem solving skills, as well as helping to develop key skills such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children will also grow more confident with their own creative abilities, feeling pride in the figures they make! Plasticine can be used individually or with friends, making it great for collaborative play as well! 

Leading UK based wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is offering 10% OFF Plasticine products until 31st December 2023! These items make for perfect stocking fillers and smaller presents, so now is a great time for retailers to stock up! Christmas is the perfect time for the whole family to come together and make some fun memories. Everyone can get involved with creative play, not just the little ones! In fact, many adults enjoy using Plasticine in their own hobbies, including stop-motion animators! 

The products available include the Plasticine 24 Colour Max selection, which features blocks of Plasticine in 24 colours – giving children everything they need to create vibrant and colourful projects! These can also be mixed to create different shades and colours! We also stock the Plasticine Toolz – a handy box filled with tools and cutters that can be used to shape, roll and cut the modelling clay into different shapes and sculptures. It also features 7 blocks of Plasticine which can also be kept in the box for safe storage.

The Plasticine Movie Maker Studio is a fantastic choice for kids who want to take their creativity a step further and start making their own stop-motion films! This great set comes with a movie stage, changeable scenes, props, camera stand and more! Plasticine is easy to manipulate, so kids can bend and squish their creations into different poses and take pictures to create their own movie! 

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