10% OFF Selected MAM Soothers!

Great news – leading baby and nursery wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is giving customers 10% OFF a huge range of MAM soothers until 25th February 2024

MAM is the number 1 feeding brand in the UK, with multiple awards and a fantastic reputation amongst parents and industry professionals. This is a great chance to stock up on their ever popular soothers, with their Pure, Comfort, Perfect and Start product lines included! All soothers in the range are available in a variety of different colours and motifs, perfect for appealing to a wide range of parents. Each soother line boasts unique features, such as the Night range with glow in the dark buttons that make it easy for them to be found in darkness. The MAM Pure Soother is a carbon neutral soother made from bio-renewable materials – making it great for eco-conscious parents. The soother and its box are made from high quality sustainable plastics, which are kinder to the environment. As with all MAM soothers, parents can be sure that these eco-friendly soothers are designed in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards. 

Soothers are an essential piece of kit for any parent and their little one, helping to calm fussy babies and allowing them to self-soothe in times of stress or uncertainty. MAM soothers are designed with guidance from healthcare professionals, including orthodontists. This means that their products are designed to support healthy jaw, teeth and gum development. The symmetrical teat of MAM soothers provides a breast-like feeling. Thanks to this orthodontic, breast-like teat, MAM soothers boast a brilliant 94% acceptance rate! Each MAM soother is designed with a unique shield, with different shaped holes that are designed to support air flow. This means that excess air and moisture doesn’t get trapped behind the shield – helping to stop chafing and irritation around the child’s mouth. MAM soothers are also packaged in their own steriliser box, so parents can easily keep their child’s soothers clean and hygienic, even while on the go.

There will also be a refresh of MAM products in the coming weeks, with new and updated lines becoming available soon. These updated products will feature new motifs and designs, as well as the return of some popular best-selling soother lines. There will also be updated packaging on a number of MAM products.

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