15% OFF Selected Lalaboom Construction Toys!

Award-winning wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, are offering retailers a fantastic 15% OFF selected Lalaboom construction toys until 8th April 2024

Lalaboom’s unique construction sets are made up of brightly coloured beads and shapes that are inspired by nature. The variety of textures are great for sensory development as children will love to touch and feel the different ridges and bumps on each bead. These funky shapes lock together securely, so children are easily able to create unique structures and explore the possibilities that these toys have to offer.

Lalaboom’s construction toys are perfect for developing a child’s fine motor skillsproblem solving abilities and hand-eye coordination. Construction toys are great for letting children play creatively and use their imaginations. Lalaboom was inspired by and supports the Montessori method of education. Montessori education encourages children to learn at their own pace, with an emphasis on freedomcreativity and the development of skills and senses.

Lalaboom’s toys encourage 5 evolutionary stages of learning through the manipulation of the beads. At 10 months, children focus on the popping together of beads. At 15 months, they will enjoy twisting and opening them. At 18 months, children will explore mixing the beads to create new colour and texture combinations. At 24 months, children will be stacking them and lacing them together. As they can be used from 10 to 36 months, these toys will support little one’s growth and learning from an early age. 

These construction toys are perfect for both independent play and playing with friends or siblings. Construction toys can help to boost social skills – as children will learn how to articulate their ideas and work together as a team to build something fun and unique! Children can enjoy Lalaboom toys regardless of sex and gender – and the beads can be used time and time again to create something new each time, making them great value for money

Included in the offer are different Lalaboom construction sets that feature an exciting array of beads to keep children entertained. The Lalaboom Educational Beads And Accessories 48Pk is a great starting point, as this gives children a huge selection of colourful beads to start off with. The beads are stored in a handy carry case, so they can be easily packed up after use. The Lalaboom Animals Set 21Pk is a cute little set that features an adorable selection of loveable animals – a bird, a bee and a squirrel.  Kids will love these charming creatures and enjoy utilising them in their creations. The Lalaboom Rainbow Balancing Game is a fun combination of construction toy and puzzle that provides learning opportunities through stacking the balancing arches and locking them together with beads. 

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