Exciting NEW Feeding Products from MAM!

Leading wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, are pleased to announce the arrival of some fantastic new MAM products – including new breastfeeding accessories and the new Colours of Nature range of bottles and soothers. 

The Colours of Nature collection features lovely muted colours and adorable animal designs – perfect for cosy Autumn days! The new soothers feature the SkinSoft Silk Teat. No other silicone teat feels softer. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, the soother stays easily in baby’s mouth. To provide additional reassurance, the SkinSoft silicone surface of the teat and inside the shield resembles the feeling of mum’s soft skin. This familiar feeling means it is easily accepted by babies.

The new Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles in the Colours of Nature Woodlands Pack feature cute bunny motifs and soft taupe colouring. One of the biggest features parents love about the Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles are their ability to self-sterilise. With no need for a separate bottle steriliser, MAM bottles can be self-sterilised in 3 easy steps, ensuring simple and safe bottle cleaning without hassle.

Baby Brands Direct also have the new MAM Nipple Shields available in small and medium sizes. These nipple shields are designed to be used when mum has sore or cracked nipples. They protect nipples during breastfeeding and allow mum to breastfeed for longer. Made from extremely soft, extra-thin, flexible silicone and with a ‘breast-like’ feel, they are specially shaped to allow baby to have skin contact with mum while breastfeeding, helping them to accept the breast.  

Also available are the MAM Starter and Fun to Drink Cups with glowing ergonomic handles. These are fun for kids, as they’ll love seeing the glow in the dark effect. They’re also easy to find at night. The handles are also compatible with all MAM Cups. The cute Starter cups feature an extra soft spill-free spout, allowing baby to control the flow rate at their own pace. The Fun to Drink cups feature a patented valve system, that can be removed – so parents can choose between a non-spill cup or a free-flow cup.

MAM is sold in over 60 countries across 5 continents and an estimated 50 million MAM products are favoured for purchase by consumers each year! Check out the full range of MAM products on our website – or head to the new products page to view all the latest items, available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.