20% OFF Little Bird Told Me Pull Along Toys!

We have a huge selection of promotions available at the moment, perfect for the run up to Christmas! This includes a fantastic 20% OFF beautiful Pull Along Toys from Little Bird Told Me! The sale ends on 31st December 2023! 

Little Bird Told Me is a British brand dedicated to creating sophisticated, high quality toys that can be enjoyed for years to come thanks to their robust, sturdy builds. Their toys are manufactured from beautiful wood and plush fabrics, with excellent craftsmanship and design behind each item! Their toys have a timeless, rustic feel to them, bringing to mind traditional toys from eras past. With the world focusing on climate change in recent years, Little Bird Told Me also strives to be eco-friendly and uses sustainable, biodegradable or recyclable materials where possible, as well as using tissue paper or cardboard rather than plastic packaging. 

Available in our current offer are pull along toys, which are perfect for children aged 6 months and up. Children will love these charming toys, which are each made in the miniature likeness of an animal – such as dog, deer or donkey. The Little Bird Told Me Willow Deer Pull Along is particularly beautiful, with a sweet faun design that features recognisable white dots, cute button nose and snuggly fur. We also have the Celeste Unicorn Pull Along toy, which brings to mind the classic design of a rocking horse and features a crinkly mane and tail for tactile stimulation. These toys feature removable wheels, so they can also be snuggled with as a plush toy, making them a dual purpose product that is great value for money! Each toy is made from soft, luxurious feeling fabric, with highly detailed finishing. As such, these are perfect gifts for children to find under the tree this Christmas time! 

Pull along toys can be beneficial for a child’s development by helping to build muscles in their arms, torso and legs, as well as helping them to improve coordination and balance. As well as improving the gross motor skills of larger muscles, pull along toys also helps to improve fine motor skills in the fingers, hands and wrists – which is great for improving dexterity! Using pull along toys can also help to boost spatial awareness and encourage movement of different parts of the body. Children will also learn cause and effect, as they will soon realise that the toy moves when they pull the rope! They can also be great for helping kids build confidence with walking, which will get them up and on their feet more frequently. As these are designed for children that are able to move independently, and because children learn to push before they pull, these are great follow on toys for push along toys, also available from Little Bird Told Me.

Baby Brands Direct are the exclusive UK wholesalers of the Little Bird Told Me range, so check out our full selection of items for even more lovely gift ideas! Head to our promotions page to view all items on offer!