30% Off Hairdorables Dolls! Perfect for Christmas!

Leading UK wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, have a great range of dolls and action figures available to retailers to buy wholesale. We are currently offering 30% off the range of Hairdorables dolls until 5th December – a perfect opportunity to stock up on popular girls toys for the Christmas rush.

Hairdorables are sweet, stylish little dolls that are full of colour and personality. These dolls are perfect for young girls who love to play dress up, brought to life by Flair, one of the leading manufacturers of licensed kids toys. Flair have been creating kids toys for over 20 years and have a great understanding of the market and what features and toy types make kids excited. Dolls and figures are always popular with children, allowing them to engage in role and emotional play that helps to develop and build up their communication and emotional skills. 

Their Hairdorables range features a wide selection of toys that are perfect for engaging and creative play. The fun sized Hairdorables dolls series is collectible with over 26 different options to collect. Each doll comes in a reusable plastic carrying case and features a fashion forward look with tons of accessories from two new themes: Masquerade Through Time and After School Fun. They come with a variety of unique and colourful hairstyles, living up to the ‘hairdorable’ name. The Limited Edition Hairdorables Loves Trolls doll includes 10 Trolls themed surprises to tie in with the popular animated movie! Rayne comes dressed in a rainbow outfit and multiple colourful accessories!

The Hairdorables Hairdudeables selection features some boy dolls, for more diverse and interesting play. These male figures are just as fashionable as their female friends and feature a range of different looks and skin tones. Each boy is available in two looks, so kids will have great fun mix and matching outfits. The Hairdorables Longest Hair Ever! Dolls feature 10-inch long locks that are perfect for trying out creative new hairstyles and looks. They also come with seven surprise accessories, hidden inside a brand-new package that looks like a giant hairspray bottle – perfect for shelf displays! 

Hairdorables characters come from a popular Youtube show with a following of 23.3K subscribers. Each episode covers the adventures of fashion forward Noah and her friends. The twelve Hairdorables characters are all YouTubers themselves who create unique content about their interests, covering subjects like cooking, hairstyling and friendship advice. This stylish girl squad with “Big Hair, Don’t Care” attitudes has an all-new collection of animated and live-action shorts, so kids can act out their favourite scenes with their dolls and their friends! 

Baby Brands Direct have a great range of dolls, figures and playsets available for retailers to buy wholesale. Our range of Flair toys boasts a large variety of popular brands and franchises that kids love – so check out our brand page today for more great items.