#ABCs of MAMs Soothers

Soothers represent around 32.5% of the overall feeding market which also covers categories including soothers, teethers, bottles, bottle brushes, teats, dinning, cups, sterilisers and milk storage solutions. Overall the feeding category takes around £75.5 million pounds of sales per annum.

According to Neilsen figures which are based on data available to June 8th 2019, MAM have driven value in the soother market which has grown 0.6% over the last 12 months to £24.5 million. The brand takes a lion share of 32% of the soother market and not only this, it is one of the few brands in growth at this time recording a positive 9.2%. It’s no surprise really, the MAM pacifier motifs are adorable and the symmetrical teat with endorsed market research that allows them to state a 94% success rate on their packaging is another factor in their strong sales reports.

The below video provides a great insight into everything you need to know about the different types of MAM soothers:


The team at Baby Brands Direct has also put together this helpful guide summarising the different types of soothers and their key characteristics:

Download this as a PDF here:


MAM is a must have brand to stock, particularly for their soothers. They all boast the following features:

  • Curved shield contoured to baby’s face that provides maximum comfort
  • Symmetric teat always fits perfectly in baby’s mouth and easily accepted by babies
  • Orthodontic soothers which have been designed and developed with dentists
  • Raised button for easy grip and clip attachment
  • Self Sterilising travel box makes it easy to clean on the go in 3mins for up to 48hrs
  • BPA/BPS Free Materials

In addition, they all have a soft butterfly shaped shield with numerous air holes and an underside that has raised surfaces to also assist air flow to baby’s delicate skin. There is then a choice of silicone or latex teats to choose from, with silicone being soft and latex extra soft and flexible and being more bite resistant. There is also the choice of the perfect soother, which are 60% thinner and 4 times more flexible. In addition, the thinner, more flexible teat neck reduces pressure on baby’s teeth and jaw.

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