#ABCs of Swaddling with Summer Infant

The ultimate objective of swaddling is to encourage a restful, safe sleep for baby, which in turn ensures they awake healthy and in good spirits. An undisturbed sleep for baby also supports parents in resting well as opposed to any anxiety and fatigue associated with responding to baby.

Swaddling is not a new phenomena, but was traditionally achieved by wrapping a baby securely in a blanket. This not only kept them warm and cosy, the former important until their own regulation system starts working and the latter giving a womb like experience, but also to help reduce the chances of baby being woken up by their own startle reflex. The latter is an unconscious defensive response and called the Moro reflex in newborn babies. The stimuli could be for example a loud noise, a sudden movement, touch, but is mostly associated with a sense of a sudden loss of support, when they feel like they are falling, and they may respond in a particular way such as extending their limbs, curling their limbs or a combination or sequence of these and may be accompanied by crying. These newborn reflexes are normal and important as they learn from them and are categorised into 4 main groups – rooting (looking for food), sucking (nourishment), grasping (using their hands) and stepping (using their feet). However, the reflexes can cause bedtime problems, for example the identified issue of a sense of falling can be triggered when parents lean over baby when putting them to bed.

Summer Infant Swaddling at Baby Brands DirectIn order to prevent this, one option for parents is to keep the baby as close as possible to their own body when laying them down and to gently release them once their back has made full contact with the mattress while the other option is to swaddle the baby. While this can be achieved with fabric, it is much easier to use the proven design for easy, safe swaddling by Summer Infant. All parents have to do is put the baby onto the open swaddle, pop their feet into the bottom section which is a bit like a pocket and wrap the adjustable sides round, secured by the hook and loop closure. The design is so practical, in that for nappy change parents just need to open the leg pouch section.

Award winning Swaddles SupplierThe Summer Infant’s original swaddle has been designed by leading safe-sleep experts, is trusted by parents globally and endorsed with the Silver for Best Swaddle 2017 at the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards. The item is easy to use, providing a design for safe swaddling, preventing startle reflex, giving a snug cosy fit with soft adjustable fabric wings, and can be machine washed and tumble dried. The item is available in one size at Baby Brands Direct in 0-3months which is equivalent to around 7-18lbs/3.2kg to 6.4kg. This is the ideal size to stock in store as by 4-6months startle reflex stops and the baby starts to show signs they have developed out of this phrase as they start to roll.

There are a range of gorgeous design to choose from this season including single packs in Cahoot and Safari Excursion, Summer Infant Distributorboth with appropriately delicate prints and on trend colouring, ideal for trying the concept, impulse buys and gifting (SRP £9.99). Bohemian Jungle is available in sophisticated grey hues and there is also an easy choice for girls in the Tweet Tweet baby pink colouring, each of these comes in a two pack with one pastel block colour and one print (SRP £17.99). For those intending to use the swaddles every day the best value for money is the triple pack and this is available in staple choices of pink, light blue and light green, each offering 2 prints and one block colour(SRP £24.99).  

An ideal solution driven product that looks good and available from a respected manufacturer and global brand, makes the SwaddleMe range definitely worth offering to consumers; particularly ideal for baby, nursery, gift and pharmacy retailers. 

Baby Brands Direct became the appointed distributor of Summer Infant’s portfolio of baby and nursery products to the independent sector in 2018. Offering wholesale prices to retailers and no minimum order quantities or values retailers can easily access this leading brand and be partner in its success story.