Baby Brands Direct Appointed Wholesaler of Leap Frog Toys

Taking kids from curious to confident, Leap Frog believes that ‘a child’s development is a continuous journey that happens one spark, one discovery, one success at a time. Every adventure, every lesson, every curious moment expands a child’s knowledge and imagination, building to a greater confidence and passion for what comes next’.

The product range added to the portfolio of product categories available at Baby Brands Direct following the appointment of distribution of Leap Frog UK includes the LeapBuilders, LeapReader, LeapStart and LeapPad and an expanded range of learning toys including toddler laptops.

The LeapBuilders range are toys that are focused on the demand for construction toys and fulfilling the many benefits that they bring to little ones in terms of motor and dexterity skills, understanding stacking, introducing volumes and spatial awareness. The added benefit of the Leap Frog construction toys is that they include smart blocks that can be placed into the Smart Start to hear 40 different sounds and phrases that introduct letters. The Smart Start unit also gives requests of find specific blocks or can play 3 songs and 3 melodies! The range includes the alphabet house and construct a truck baby toys.

The LeapReader is a tool that helps little ones learn to read and write, build their vocabulary and communication skills. There are a range of educational activity sets from letter writing to the solar system which can all be used in conjunction with the LeapReader stylus that technologically brings to life the content through reading the words and sentences it is placed on and breaking down the letter names and phonic sounds. It also asks the reader questions, engaging them further through interaction and developing early comprehension skills.

LeapReader SupplierBoth the LeapReader and LeapStart learning systems are recommend by 97% of teachers (based on a survey conducted by iChild of 167 teachers. These teachers used LeapReader and the accompanying products with children aged between 4 and 8 in their schools over a two month period from September 2014 – November 2014). The LeapStart 3D also has a stylus but additionally offers a pop-up Holographic Screen that brings characters and objects to life enhacing the engagement and inteactivity with the child. It accompanying book library offers access to a vast range of print based books each with 30 activities and 300 interactive touch points! They also cover 4 levels of leaver combining school and life skills.

LeapPad for kids supplierLeap Frog’s multimedia products include the LeapPad, a take on the ipad and tablets but for kids. They introduce them to the world of sophisticated hand held technology, giving them access to a wealth of digitise content such as eBooks, video and games that are designed to further their learning. The LeapPad 3 has a 5” screen and 4GM memory, whereas the LeapPad Ultimate has a 7” screen, 8GB memory and drop, impact and compression tested with extended battery life. Both have access to over 800+ learning facilities, Wi-Fi connected with kid-friendly browser and 2 cameras and video recorders.

The Leap Frog toys are also enriched with technology giving them added value above their competitors. The most iconic is arguably the cuddly character plush Violet and Scout that has songs and words to learn. The characters also come as a companion that reads the 5 books it comes with. 

toddler laptops supplierOperations Director at Baby Brands Direct comments, ‘We are delighted to be able to supply the range of Leap Frog educational toys, learning books and multimedia products to our independent retail base. The products bring traditional learning into the modern age, infused with just the right amount of technology at each development stage. We are really exciting about it as we believe it is a proven line of products for retailers to offer with confidence to their client base.’

Baby Brands Direct is an award winning, established distributor of branded baby products, with on site stock holding directly from the brand manufacturers. Offering the great prices, comprehensive online ordering and aftercare support facilities with shipping to 65 countries. Log in now to view the entire Leap Frog range, and while the products are new, take advantage of downloading the product CSV files and image zips available from your personalised resource centre.