Bambino Mio NEW Training Pant Prints and Nappy Range

Wild Cat Reuseable Nappy SupplierPotty training is a milestone in a toddler’s development and Bambino Mio is certainly a brand that parents can rely on for fundamental aids. 

The roots of their range come from the Miosolo – an earth friendly, non-plastic, reusable nappy. Twenty years later this is a multi-award winning product and the UK’s most widely used reusable nappy brand. The success of this brand is surely set to continue to grow as society becomes more aware of the environment and individual collective responsibility towards it. This season the Bambino Mio nappy has been launch in an array of additional prints under the umbrella of the ‘rainforest’ collection. Here at Baby Brands Direct, retailers can access prints ‘Wild Cat’, chosen for its peach background and ‘Swinging Sloth’ for its duck egg background, making them ideal options for girls and boys respectively, yet unisex, whilst also both being on trend, light colours that are ideal under clothes with really adorable prints. The new prints are also available in the popular travel changing accessories of changing mat and handy wet nappy bag.

Potty Training Pant Designs at Baby Brands DirectThe most popular line in items of units sold within the brand wholesale relate to the trainer pants category. Hence, we have expanded the availability significantly to include the brand’s latest prints from the ‘Magical Kingdom’ collection. This includes the gorgeous Pegasus Palace, Dragon’s Dungeon and Knight’s Kingdom. Pegasus Palace is printed in soft pinks, lilacs and blue and is clearly going to be a hugely popular choice, the Dragon’s Dungeon includes widely used colours for boys including reds, teals and blue whilst the Knight’s Kingdom features friendly faces of both genders in a variety of races on pretty horses making it very unique and a true gender neutral choice. Given the demand for good quality training pants we have also added in a plain white option and existing Bambino Mio prints of ‘Fairy’, styled in pinks, lilacs and orange, and Dino an adorable print of friendly dinosaurs in blues, greens and marmalade.  We are pretty sure Kids will love putting these on! Each is available in 3 sizes: 18-24mths, 2-3yrs and 3yrs+.

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Further information released today by Bambino Mio’s press office about the Magical Kingdom launch is as follows:

‘Bambino Mio launches its new magical kingdom potty training collection, created with a new and improved fit for extra protection, to provide parents with innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use potty training products.

The new capsule collection offers a choice of five eye catching designs, made to appeal to toddlers that are ready to tackle potty-training. All designs are available in three sizes from for £5.49.

Carly Bailie, Head of Product at Bambino Mio comments: “Potty training is a big milestone for parents and their little ones and while it’s an exciting time, it can also fill some people with dread so we want to help parents feel as prepared as possible by offering products that they can rely on as they embark on their potty training journey with their toddler.”

After recently receiving a Gold award win for potty training products in the Loved by Parents awards, Bambino Mio have updated the designs and launched a new and improved fit, so these pants are the best potty training product for toddlers and the perfect transition between nappies and pants. They can also save parents a significant amount of money as they can be reused again and again, plus retailers can benefit from attractive margins and competitive RRPs.

The new collection benefits from a pull-up style design and soft cotton-blend fabric to create a user experience similar to real pants to promote independence. The concealed water-resistant layer is ideal for containing small accidents but still allows the toddler to feel wetness while minimising the need for clothing changes.

Bambino Mio’s reusable potty training pants are made from a soft cotton blend fabric, so not only will toddlers look trendy, the fabric will feel gentle against children’s delicate skin. These reusable potty training pants are easy to wash when little accidents do happen and can also be machine washed and tumble dried.

Research suggests that when children are changed from wet to dry cloth potty training pants they feel the difference due to the way that reusables are designed, this notion should stimulate the child’s curiosity about the cause and effect of wetness and encourage a faster success rate. Further supported by product reviews such as “my daughter easily made the transition from nappies to underwear with these pants”, reinforcing that Bambino Mio is a strong contender in the potty training arena.

Eco-friendly products like Bambino Mio’s, have sky rocketed in popularity as more parents and retailers continue to move away from single-use plastic products, like disposable potty training pants which can be less effective, and towards more sustainable, reusable options which are better for the child’s toilet development and the environment. Overall revenue for Bambino Mio has seen incredible growth, with international sales increasing six-fold and UK sales doubling YOY. The brands potty training pants in particular have been proving more popular than ever before, with further availability in key retailers and supermarkets across the globe. This last month alone, international sales for potty training pants have increased by 30%.

Bambino Mio have all key potty training items available, including the miopotty, miopotty chair, mioseat (toilet trainer) and miostep (step stool), which are all made from sturdy BPA-free plastic. The lightweight and simple designs are easy to use and safe for toddlers. The award-winning brand is trusted as better for little ones and better for the environment offering families product solutions that they can feel confident with, when embarking upon the potty training milestone.’