Barbie Toys Trade Range Increased for 2018

Barbie Dream House SupplierBarbie is one of the most iconic global brands in existence with sales of over a billion dolls sold worldwide! Founded in 1959, by co-founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler who develop the doll on seeing her daughter’s delight in acting out imaginary events with paper dolls and aptly named the brand after her child’s nickname; Barbie. When a male companion was later introduced, she named him Ken, after her son’s name.

Barbie has stood the test of time where other toys have long left the toy industry and not only that in recently years has been positive growth figures. Initiatives including multi ethic dolls, celebrity and role model collector editions, designer collaborations including YSL limited editions to more recently introducing different body shapes has all influenced media noise, perception and increased the popularity of the brand. In particular, Barbie Estate, now an established category at Baby Brands Direct including her enviable real estate houses, cars, campervan, moped to career vehicles including her latest edition medical rescue van.

Barbie campervan distributormedical vehicle wholesaler10 new Barbie A/W 2018 lines have just been added to the wholesale portfolio at Baby Brands Direct. These include the luxury campervan that opens into a 2ft long play set with kitchen, bathroom, hammocks and swimming pool and similarly a value for money mobile medical vehicle with siren that opens into a 2ft play area including a reception, waiting room, gift shop and examination room plus over 15 accessories.

For the run up to Christmas, Mattel will have a high value Barbie Dream house and it certainly is that with a price tag of £270!Spread over 3 floors, 8 rooms, indoor pool and car port, the house stands at approximately 3ft tall by 4ft wide and makes for the most fantastical, happy playtime. The interior is magical and comes with approximately 70 accessories to make multiple stories and fuel creative imagination.

Barbie Outdoor accessories SupplierBarbie Doll Clothing SupplierGiven the cumulative success of our retailers within the Barbie Estate retail, we have added to the category  add ons including extra indoor play set and out play set accessories such as barbeques and sun loungers, to nights in front of the television and extra dining table and chairs. Also, for the dolls, and particularly apt for online retailers strategising sales of smaller packages, Baby Brands Direct has extra clothing outfits for Barbie. Suitable for all Barbie body shapes, these additional clothing lines refresh and personalises imaginary play for little ones.

Barbie, Skipper, Chelsea, baby wholesalerOver the years, due to consumer requests for Barbie to have additional play characters of different ages including the opportunity for Barbie to nurture her own children, Mattel launched a range of other dolls known as her sisters (rather than make her a Mother) which include, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. In the latest toy sets available wholesale, Kids can choose from Skipper or another Barbie doll babysitting either a baby or toddler. This is a great way for them to gain a baby or toddler into their Barbie collection plus the perfect accessories to look after them. We’ve also added in one additional Chelsea line, which is her and her Pony with accessories for ride away adventures.

Barbie Baking Innovation WholesalerLast but not least, the Barbie Baking innovation, whilst presenting retailers with slightly tighter margins is being TV advertised and hence likely to see strong pull through. With such media popularity on creative cooking the item is on trend and features lots of storytelling pieces, sounds, and rewarding sights such as the dough actually rising in the sandwich maker!

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