Bathtime Play Essentials: Available Wholesale at Baby Brands Direct!

Bathtime is the perfect time for parents to bond with their little ones in a warm and comfortable bfh59-7setting. Parents have to support their baby’s body in the early months, meaning that they will be close and providing their little one with touch and sounds, ensuring the bond between them is deepened and strengthened. The warmth and sounds of the water, as well as the touch and encouraging sounds from their parents, will stimulate and help develop their senses.

As little one gets older, they are able to splash around, use pouring and tipping toys and see things float or sink. Bathtime will become a much more interactive experience, for both parents and their babies, and is a great time to teach them about cause and effect. As the water supports their weight, baby will learn a lot about their bodies as they can move around in different ways, giving them a chance to explore how their bodies move.

Bath toys help to enhance this experience and exploration. As well as introducing a new level of fun to bath times with bright colours and fun characters, these toys allow little ones to enhance their motor skills, imaginative play and communication skills. From toys that squirt water when you squeeze them, to wheels and gears that turn when water flows through them, there is a wide range of toys suitable for any baby.

Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of bathtime toys from leading brands such as Boon, Munchkin, Mattel and Tomy – perfect for baby and their parents to strengthen their bond and play during bathtime, available to buy wholesale.

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