BBD Interviews Managing Director of Bambino Mio

We are delighted to share the insights of the interview that we’ve had the pleasure of conducting with the Managing Director of Bambino Mio. Mr Schanschieff MBE, shares valuable history on the foundations of the Company that is today an internationally reputed and multi award winning firm. He also touches upon the brand differentials and key product USPs that is of course a great reminder to retailers offering the brand.

What inspired the creation of Bambino Mio?

My wife and I were travelling at the time; we met an American at the Taj Mahal in 1991. Over dinner, we got talking about a reusable nappy laundry service offered in New York and that was it, the seed of an idea was sown. On returning to the UK, we set up a reusable nappy laundry service from our home in Northampton, and although the laundry service showed slow growth, we were convinced reusable nappies were the way forward. It became apparent that reusable nappies were increasing in popularity, but the demand of a laundry service was limited as parents soon realised how easy they were to wash themselves and how much money could be saved by doing so. As a result, in 1997 we closed the nappy service and started to manufacture and sell reusable nappies and associated products and Bambino Mio was born.

How was the brand name selected?

It’s actually the name of a film from 1994 starring Julie Walters. We sort of inherited it. Having trialled selling some products directly, through small ads in the back of baby magazines, when we were running the nappy laundry, we decided to set up a business selling the products directly by mail order. At the same time someone we knew had produced 10,000 copies of a brochure of products under the name ‘’Bambino Mio’’ selling a range similar to what we were looking to offer. She was closing her business down so we bought the brochures, as the range was similar to what we were looking to sell, and adopted the name. It’s served us well and also means “my baby” in Italian!

Do you know how many awards the company and its products have won globally? Which ones have meant the most?

We have won over 60 awards and many different types. From awards voted for by parents and customers selecting our products as the best to business awards which celebrate our success in exporting all around the world.

It’s difficult to say which ones mean the most but the ones voted for by our customers definitely feel the best. It’s just a reinforcement of what we set out to achieve with Bambino Mio; make great environmentally-friendly baby products that parents love.

What sets Bambino Mio’s reusable nappies apart from other brands in the industry?

I would say there’s a number of things; firstly, I think we are the only reusable nappy brand to offer the most comprehensive range of products so offering parents everything they need to use reusable nappies and beyond from birth through to potty training.

We work hard in creating and selecting our designs and we’re very proud to offer parents style as well as sustainability when choosing Bambino Mio. Our Brand is available all around the world and in a variety of different retailers and we really are working towards #makingclothmainstream and make it easier for any type of retailer to work with us.

And finally, our Marketing. We have a very successful digital marketing strategy to bring new customers to our Brand and engage existing ones and we feel that this adds value to our retailers as we increase Brand awareness we are increasing opportunities for retailers to maximise their Bambino Mio sales.

When did you add swim nappies to the range and how do they work?

Our reusable swim nappies have been in the range since day 1. They’re really simple to use and are designed for containment when in the water with their leak-proof legs and waistband. Simple put them on and fit with the drawstring. They’re an environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative to disposable swim nappies.

The miofresh laundry cleanser won the Loved By Parents award for Best Cleaning Product, what are its credentials?

The miofresh is one of my favourite products! It’s an environmentally friendly cleanser that’s designed to clean, freshen and deodorise reusable nappies and other garments. It’s free from nasties such as perfumes, chlorine bleaches and optical brighteners which can be found in other products of this type which makes it perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. The product is biodegradable and allows you to effectively wash at 30 degrees – which is what we like to promote.

This product is a great stain remover too so great for bibs, bedding and sports kits too!

How important is it to the Company to promote a sense of environmental responsibility to parents?

It’s extremely important. We’re promoting products that can have a positive impact on the environment as we start to see a shift away from single-use plastic products and towards less chemicals. We’ve still got a long way to go, not only as a business as we strive to continue to develop our business and become even more environmentally friendly but also in our mission to educate parents about the benefits of these products.

What do you do to try and stay ahead of the competition?

Listen to our customers. As cliché as it may sound, they are the ones who are telling us what they like, what they don’t like, what they want and what they don’t. They’re the ones that have helped Bambino Mio get to where we are today and helping us to spread the word about reusable nappies.


Baby Brands Direct added the Bambino Mio range of products to its wholesale portfolio in A/W 2017 including reusable nappies, swim nappies, training pantschanging mats, wet nappy bags, nappy bucket, laundry cleanser, potty training accessories, swaddles and bed protector.