Beautiful Illustrated Options+ Bottles from Dr Brown’s – Available Now!

Looking for something a little different to put on your shelves? Beautiful illustrated bottles from Dr Brown’s are available to buy wholesale from Baby Brands Direct. With gorgeous designs featuring adorable animals and soft colours, these lovely bottles are perfect presents for new parents and are sure to delight any new mum and dad. The range includes woodland, jungle, dinosaur, ocean themes, there’s an option for every taste! These bottles are available in two different sizes – 150ml and 270ml – ensuring that parents have access to the perfect sized bottle for their baby’s needs. 

Dr Brown’s is one of the most popular baby bottle brands in the world, leading the way in the anti-colic sector of the bottle market with its unique award-winning vent system and working with healthcare professionals to create the most effective baby bottles possible. The Dr. Brown’s Options+ range of anti-colic bottles is recommended by 92% of UK Health Professionals for the relief of colicky symptoms! Colic is a condition that causes pain and discomfort for babies, with many of them crying for hours and days on end. This is thought to be caused by trapped gas that they can’t get rid of.

Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles help reduce the risk of colic with its vent system, which helps to channel air away from baby’s milk – meaning that excess air is not ingested! The vent can also be removed as baby grows, making these bottles versatile and adaptable to both parents’ and baby’s needs. The vent also helps to preserve the nutrients and good bacteria of breast and formula milk – as well as helping baby digest their milk so that they can sleep easier at night! 

The specially designed teat also helps to make feeding time easy and comfortable for baby. The breast-like teat shape is contoured to make it easy to latch on. As it is breast-like, it allows for a more natural bottle feeding experience, as it will feel like mum’s breast in baby’s mouth. Each teat offers the same consistent and natural flow, so baby can easily adapt to the flow of milk which replicates the flow of breastfeeding. The Dr Brown’s teat has a 93% acceptance rate, which shows that the breast-like design really does feel like mum’s breast! As well as being breast-like, the teat also features its own venting system – meaning that the bottle is still effective at reducing air intake even when the vent is removed! 

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