Benefits of Soft Toys for Dementia Patients

Soft toys are beloved by children of all ages, thanks to their comforting properties, cuddly textures and emotional appeal. However, studies show that soft toys also offer a number of benefits for elderly people coping with dementia and Alzheimer’s – making them a perfect choice not just for baby stores, but for care homes as well. 

Dementia is a group of symptoms that affect memory and cognitive functions, making it difficult for those with the illness to function in day to day life. It isn’t a disease in itself, but refers to other diseases that affect the brain and comes in many different forms. While it’s not only found in the elderly, the risk of developing dementia increases with age and many of those diagnosed are over 65. Dementia can lead to a number of difficulties and changes – such as forgetfulness, mood changes and disorientation. It can also cause depression and become a real hurdle for people to overcome. 

Soft toys may be beneficial to dementia patients’ overall welfare and comfort. Many dementia patients find that they are soothed and comforted by the presence of an animal, and a soft toy allows them to build a bond with an animal friend without the responsibility of cleaning up after it and feeding it. The cuddly toy can help to bring out their caring nature and give them a renewed sense of purpose, as they care for their new friend. The soft fabrics are effective in reducing anxiety and stress, helping patients keep calm. Cuddling with these toys can also increase happiness, as they are cute and invoke positive emotions. A simple but effective way to improve quality of life, soft toys for dementia patients are available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct.

Trudi’s lovely Italian made soft toys are perfect choices, with their realistic designs and super soft materials. They’re designed for young children so are safe for everyone and come in a range of different designs and styles. The Trudi Fluffies Koala is a wonderfully soft and cute koala teddy perfect for cuddling and touching for tactile stimulation. The Trudi Husky Marcus is designed to accurately represent the real world husky breed – just in a smaller, huggable size. All Trudi toys are machine washable, making them perfect for care homes as they can be kept clean and hygienic.

Keel Toys Love to Hug Pets Assortment is also a wonderful selection of super soft and cuddly teddies – with two cat and two dog designs that have universal appeal for any age group. Inexpensive and perfect for gifting, these sweet toys are the right size for an adult to cuddle, with soft floppy limbs that feel comforting and give them an attractive look. Ragtales Darcy Bear is a gorgeous traditional Teddy Bear that is finished in the softest white fur and has a velvety chocolate brown nose – perfect for fans of traditional style soft toys. He may even hold some nostalgic properties and remind older people of their own childhoods. Presented in a gift box, this teddy is a wonderful gift for grandparents and has jointed limbs for posing and moving.

Check out the full range of soft toys available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct for more toys that may be suitable for care homes or hospices, as well as baby boutiques and nursery stores.