Brand New Dolls and Accessories from Barbie


Barbie is one of the most iconic global brands and is instantly recognisable thanks to the unique design of its dolls and bright pink branding. Since the brand was launched in 1959, Barbie has continued to innovate and push boundaries, inspiring girls to dream big for generations. The brand has recently begun to diversify even further, introducing a range of different dolls with various skin tones, body types and styles – so young girls and even boys can find themselves represented with their new doll friend. Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer some new items from the Barbie range to our wholesale customers.

The exciting new Barbie Made to Move dolls can move in so many ways! Kids can play out lifelike movement with the ability to manoeuvre and pose in positions that mimic realistic action. Each doll has 22 ‘joints’ for lots of flexibility and an incredible range of motion that makes them perfect for acting out various scenarios and adventures. These dolls come in a variety of different styles to suit all tastes. The Barbie Babysitter & Baby Assortment is another great selection of dolls, each coming with a little baby figure and accessories to act out babysitting scenarios and build caring and communication skills. These dolls feature stylish outfits, figures with different skin tones and hairstyles.

The Barbie Dreamtopia Colour Change Mermaid offers rainbow fun with a splash of water. Each Barbie mermaid doll features a neon-bright fantasy look with rainbow hair, a vibrant multi-coloured tail and a bodice with sea-inspired accents. For a colour transformation, kids can dip Barbie doll in warm water and watch as her hair, bodice, tail and fin transform to reveal a rainbow of pretty pastels! Girls will be enchanted by the changing colours! The Barbie Wheelchair Ken Doll inspires new play possibilities with a manual wheelchair and ramp so he can easily get in and out of the Barbie Dreamhouse. Barbie’s new dolls celebrate diversity with fashion dolls that encourage real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams!

The Barbie Birthday Surprise Chelsea Jungle River Play Set offers a wild ride. Kids can fill the jungle river set with water so Chelsea doll and her animal pals can swim, splash and float around the island. Then help them climb the tree to slide down into the river or zipline to the other side! Designed in pink and yellow with silvery accents, the Barbie Moped is trendy and stylish. Place Barbie doll on the seat where a clip holds her in place. Lift up the kickstand and push to head into imagination. Bring along the puppy in the yellow basket on back. And a yellow helmet for Barbie doll lets her ride safely in style.

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