Brand New Figures from Schleich – Available Now!

Founded in 1935, around 85 years ago, Schleich is a world leader in dolls, figures and playsets, with an extensive range of products that offers excitement and imaginative play for every child. Schleich believes that promoting creativity and a rich imagination is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child – and as such, they create high quality, realistic figures in a range of themes that will inspire kids during play time. 

We have a great new selection of Schleich toys available, in addition to the existing range of over 50 products! Our new toys are from the Horse Club, Bayala and Dinosaur ranges – so there is something to appeal to every child. From the beautiful pastel colouring of the Schleich Fairy in Flight on Winged Lion to the realistic dappled coat of the Schleich Pura Raza Española Mare, these toys are enchanting and offer plenty of opportunities for engaging play.

There is a huge selection of Schleich toys available to buy wholesale now from Baby Brands Direct. Check out the brand page for the full range of over 50 products.