Brand Spotlight: Plasticine – A Timeless Favourite

Kids love creating and playing with modelling clay. It’s fun and allows them to unleash their creativity and imaginations, giving them the opportunity to easily build anything they want. Plasticine from Flair is a wonderful brand of modelling clay that doesn’t dry out! Fun and easy to use, it doesn’t shrink or harden, and can be used again and again encouraging inspiring creations. It doesn’t stick in hands, meaning there’s no mess or residue left over and it always remains soft and pliable, ensuring kids can easily use it whenever they want. It is great for young hands to make fun shapes with, encouraging imaginative play  – or even for adult experts to create intricate models with fine details.

Modelling clay also offers a wealth of developmental benefits. Plasticine can help improve hand-eye coordination, encourage trial and error, help develop fine motor skills and encourage play-based learning. Playing with modelling clay is great for developing children’s muscles and movement as well. Kids’ muscles are used as the clay is solid and gives a lot of resistance. It also helps develop dexterity, as kids have to use their fingers to mould and manipulate the clay.

William Harbutt obtain a patent for Plasticine in 1899 and commercial production started in the UK in the 1900s. It was originally only available in grey and then 4 colours were introduced. It became very popular with children and was widely used in schools for teaching art, and went onto be used in a wide variety of other purposes. It is great for encouraging group play and building communication skills as it’s great for kids to use to interact and play together to build fun creations. Various Plasticine products are available to buy wholesale at Baby Brands Direct and are great items for nurseries and preschools, as well as at home play. Check out the Plasticine range to view all our products!