Bright and Colourful Sensory Toys from Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys is an award-winning brand, established in 2010 by a husband and wife team. The brand offers a range of toys that are designed to provide tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. All their toys are brightly coloured to engage a child’s eyesight and are also created with a variety of textures, which kids will love to touch and feel.

Allowing children to engage in sensory play is beneficial to their overall development. Engaging with sensory toys can help to improve fine and gross motor skills, as well as improving hand-eye coordination, language skills and team working skills. Sensory play also helps children process information and allows them to form mental links between what they see, feel, and hear. By manipulating the toys, they can learn cause and effect, coming to understand how their actions affect the world around them. Sensory toys can also be soothing and comforting for children, giving them a low energy stimulus that can help calm them down or preoccupy them after a busy day.

Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer our wholesale customers a fantastic selection of high quality sensory toys from Fat Brain Toys, including some new lines such as the Fat Brain Rolio, a fun rolling toy that will entertain and delight. The colourful textured pegs of the Rolio move in and out as the cylindrical toy rolls. Children can push the toy easily, making it move on its soft silicone tires. Each peg features different textures, which are great for little fingers to touch and explore. The pegs also rattle when shaken, so kids also have a fun noisy toy to stimulate their aural senses! The Rolio is great for teaching cause and effect

Another new item is the Fat Brain Plugsy, which is a fun twist on the classic shape sorter toy! Kids can fit the shapes into their matching slots, then place the squishy silicone plugs into their matching shapes. They can also fit the plugs straight onto the shapes on the base, which each have their own unique texture. This is a versatile toy that provides a variety of different solutions for children to try out, helping them improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. They will also learn shapes during the process of fitting each block or plug into the matching hole! 

Also new is the Fat Brain Squigz Starter Set. These fun little toys have suction pads so they can be stuck together, or to other surfaces. This makes them a fun and entertaining construction toy that can be used to create different structures easily. The sounds of popping when they are removed from surfaces are also great for sensory stimulation and kids will love to make that sound repeat! 

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler of bestselling baby and nursery products, manufactured by the top brands in the industry. These toys are sure to delight and engage children with fun sensory activities! Check out the Fat Brain range now!