Bright Starts Simply #WhyStockIt? Rubber Teethers

Although there are around 200 plants in the world that produce latex, the majority of rubber is made from latex that comes from a tree species called Hevea brasiliensis. Back in 1961, the distinguished teether known Sophie the Giraffe was brought to market using these properties with great success.

Recently with the continually increasing focus on the environment and sustainable earth friendly products, rubber teethers have gained market interest and share over plastic ones. Leading nursery manufacturer Bright Starts has therefore launched its own rubber teether under the umbrella of their capsule premium natural range ‘simply’.

Rubber teether supplierThe teether composition makes them naturally lightweight with a smooth surface and Bright Starts has incorporated this into a traditional ring rattle design that can then be very easily gripped by baby from all sides. The animal designs chosen also distinguish them from their nearest competitors, with the ears, wings and feet of the owl and ears, limbs and tail of the fox providing extra areas of different shapes and length to manipulate the flexible material in order to reach and soothe every tender spot in baby’s mouth.

The ring rattle shaped natural rubber teether further uses plant-based paint for its design making them perfectly safe for baby to chewy away on. The colours chosen are in keeping with the natural theme pairing with current nature trends in palettes of brown and beige and choosing appropriate woodland animals for them – an owl and fox. The friendly animal design teethers double up as toys delighting kids with its fun squeaking sounds.

Soothimals is a trade mark of Bright Starts for their unique natural rubber teethers and make for not only a great gift, but adorable way to stimulate senses and soothe teething gums. Retailers should certainly consider stocking this renewable teether from natural materials and non-toxic food grade paint as a modern alternate teething aid option for parents. It unique easy to grasp shape, characters and colours further distinguish it and with the backing of such a huge well recognised brand with the economies of scale to position it very competitively on the market, makes it a great product to stock.

#WhyStockIt? Features:

  • 100% natural rubber 
  • Safe plant-based paints 
  • Flexible material to reach specific areas
  • Easy grip ring rattle design 
  • Nature colours
  • Woodlands animals
  • Well known brand Bright Starts
  • Competitively priced