Brought to You By Barbie – You Can Be Anything

The Barbie brand continues its efforts in encouraging marketing that focuses on the message to girls that they ‘can be anything’.

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Last month they published an article relating to the struggles of supermodel Neelam Gill in entering the fashion industry and becoming the first British Indian model to make her name on the catwalk. In an interview with the Guardian she discusses colourism within her own culture and the challenges it presented on her path to success and why she now actively encourages discussion to help others who may feel to ashamed to talk about a darker skin tone. The article and 4 minute video ‘brought to’ the public by Barbie is a great example of the soft marketing approach that Mattel are adopting and association they are creating with strong, successful women from all backgrounds and careers who have overcome challenges and achieved their dreams.

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The article on Yahoo Style is surrounded by Barbie skyscrapers that click through to consumer websites for the purchase of their symbolic dolls. The brand now in it’s 60th year is one of the most iconic global brands in existence with sales of over a billion dolls worldwide! The selection of dolls has changed with the culture and education, now offering dolls of both sexes in different body shapes, skin tones, hair colour and careers. Technology has also been introduced with chips in some high end lines such as the Barbie Dream House that prompt imaginative play with the encouragement of lights and sounds.

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