T.V. Advertised Bush Baby World Toys In Stock

The most recent new arrival at wholesaler Baby Brands Direct is the Bush Baby World collection of toys by Golden Bear.  Featuring the latest web based series phenomena, written by Miranda Larson the characters and settings are both magical and based on the principles of friendship.

Bush Baby World is a fantastical and colourful world inhabited by different species of Bush Babies. Regional characters play different roles and go on exciting adventures portrayed with humour, friendship and magic at its heart. The series promotes self-development and social learning through friendship, community and teamwork. 9 animated webisodes were launched in 2017 and 5 featuring the Blossom Bush Babies in Spring 2018 and another 5 featuring the Shimmer Palace in Summer 2018.

The Dreamstar Bush Babies reside, protect and care for the iconic Dream Tree which disperses sparkling dream dust to ensure we all have magical dreams of hope and adventure. Another Bush Babies group are the Meadow Blossoms Bush Babies, led by Princess Blossom, who live across the river from The Dream Tree in Blossom Meadow where they grow and care for colourful flowers and Glitter Corn – their favourite food. There are also the Shimmer Babies who live in Shimmer Mountain in the Royal Palace with Princess Melina, whilst mysterious Blue Rock is home to the princesses mischievous sister Princess Izzabeth who likes to plot disruption for the Bush Babies.

NPD data from Nov 2017, show the Bush Baby World plush as the number 1 new property in total plush! The series toys are manufactured by Golden Bear have a further exciting USP that offers hours of play value, coming alive in your hand with their eyes that wiggle and ears that waggle and make for the perfect collectable, furry friends. The toys are also being heavily advertised through T.V., Cinema, channel sponsorship and video on demand alongside support via the consumer website, webisodes on YouTube, digital activity and character store visits.

Baby Brands Direct is delighted to have added the loveable and magical toy range to its wholesale portfolio for registered retailers to easily access. Log into your account now to start stocking this gorgeous range of toys aimed at the age group of four years plus.